Johnny McCarty is the author of two compelling novels. "My Name is Maysel" and the sequel "My Name is Still Maysel". Based on the true story of his mother's life, these novels are compelling, inspirational and factual tributes to the life of his parents and may be purchased at amazon.com, or ordered through me at jrm022@aol.com. They are also available at Tamarack in Beckley, WV and the Corner Gas and Grill in Pax, WV.


My Name is Maysel

Publication Date: June 25, 2009
Description: A stunning account of a kidnapped West Virginia girl and her mother's 17-year search to find her. Maysel is a spirited five-year old girl who, in the 1920's, is stolen by her father, then forced to support him in the moonshine business. Reluctantly believing her father when he tells her that her mother was taken by Jesus, Maysel still stands up for herself when he tries to change her name to Mary. Read about Maysel's unusual introduction to womanhood, the development of a love that will last a lifetime, and the impact of a teacher in this rural West Virginia hollow. Lela, a beautiful Christian woman, believes she has met the man of her dreams--Frank Adams. Little does she know that he is already married when they meet and fall in love. When another Mrs. Frank Adams comes to call, she is devastated, but holds true to her values and bars Frank from their happy marriage. Despite depression and difficult times, she never gives up the search for her daughter. Frank Adams, handsome, charming, and a good family provider in the tough economic times of the depression, is also a scheming, vindictive, and selfish man. His real name is John Brunty and he knows the only way he can continue to have a family is to steal his daughter and disappear, punishing Lela for pushing him away. My Name is Maysel is a compelling true story set in rural West Virginia. Keep a tissue handy as you are transported back in time in this heartfelt saga as told by the third son of Maysel.



Publication Date: September 20, 2011
Description: Mother and daughter: finally together again after 17 years. My Name is Still Maysel continues the true story of Lela Pittsenbarger and her stolen five-year old daughter Maysel. It continues the overwhelming saga following their miraculous reunion. This fascinating story picks up with Maysel and her husband Wannie, now called Bob, raising their eight children in a small berg in West Virginia. She is a wildly protective mother of her children as well as the neighborhood youngins, prompting her to her stand up to the town's biggest bully and repeat her mantra from her childhood, "Oh, by the way. . . my name is STILL Maysel . . . Mrs. McCarty to you." Johnny McCarty's storytelling draws you into the lives of his mother and father, Maysel and Bob, and allows you to experience their joys and heartbreaks as their children grow up around them. Maysel remains a strong personality and even when her 16 year-old-daughter wants to get married, she says, "No. That's just the way it is. You'll have to accept it. My name is still Maysel and I said no." But children somehow manage to get what they want, and their daughter, Sue, gets married at home. This epic story bears out Maysel's faith in God and the imparting of this faith to her children. Share in the hopes and dreams of Lela, then Maysel and Bob and their children as they rise up from poverty in this small West Virginia community. Fasten your seat belts, you're about to go on another literary ride.