Frequently asked questions about permanent make-up:

Is it Painful?

Some procedures can be best described as uncomfortable but tolerable. Painful? No!

Am I a candidate?

Anyone who desires to be, can be a candidate for permanent make-up. If you wear eyebrow pencil, need eyeliner, have thin wrinkled looking lips, aging dry skin, then you are a candidate.

Is it expensive?

Perfect Touch has made it very affordable to the public. Anyone can afford Permanent make-up if they so desire.

How many times do I visit?

You can receive all services at the same time, on the same day. After 2 weeks, you return for an examination of how well you did. If necessary, any adjustment is done at this time. When 1 year has passed, a boost is then done (at a minimal cost).

Does it take a long time to do?

Most people who receive all services are only in the office 3 to 4 hours. A return visit is required after 2 weeks to adjust any area that requires it.

What about infection?

We haven’t ever witnessed an infection, however, it is possible to experience one. The risk of having an infection is VERY low.

Is it Dangerous?

These procedures are not risky in anyway, there hasn’t been a documented case of anyone having an allergic reaction to any product used in permanent make-up.

How will it affect a face lift?

Many clients have permanent make-up in addition to surgical face lifting. Face lifting gives one a tightening of the skin, but does not give color to the eyes, brows or lips.

How long does it last?

Every individual is different and each person will retain permanent make-up differently. Most people retain their color for several years, and then must have a “Boost”, which is minor, and will last for several more years without repeat boosting (cost for boosting is minimal).

Will it last forever?

Nothing lasts forever, however it can last a very long time. If one has their make-up “freshened/boost” every few years, it will last them the rest of their lives, even if they are young.