If your makeup isn't becoming to you,

you should be coming to us!

You live in the ideal time and place to take advantage of permanent cosmetic make-up, and today, many procedures are possible on a one-day, outpatient basis.

No longer a lengthy, costly process reserved for the wealthy, advanced training and techniques make permanent make-up a logical, affordable means to achieve the confidence and well-being that can help you enjoy a richer, and more confident life.

No one who wishes to realize a better self-image through improved looks can be accused of vanity. The desire to look and feel our best is a lifetime commitment for most of us.

At Perfect Touch Permanent Make-up Center, this is the philosophy that fosters a healthy atmosphere of harmony, encouragement and personal growth.

Founded by Johnny McCarty, Perfect Touch Make-up provides a full range of permanent cosmetic make-up services on the southern East coast. Our technicians and staff are professional, highly trained and specialized to help you achieve the maximum results offered by the world of Permanent Make-up.

We know that Permanent Make-up procedures are not regarded as dangerous, however we do everything possible to avoid complications and make your visits painless and easy as possible.